At a glance

At Afrox, we are accountable for our actions and strive to be transparent in all decisions and activities that may impact the environment and society in general.

Who is Afrox?

African Oxygen Limited (Afrox) was founded in 1927 and is southern Africa’s market leader in industrial gases, Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG) and welding products. We operate in South Africa and seven other African countries. We have an associate company in Mauritius and manage various operations in five other African countries on behalf of The Linde Group (Linde) – our global gases, engineering and technology parent company. Refer to our corporate information.

Key market differentiators and core competencies
  • We serve a diverse range of industries and have well-established brands in Emerging Africa1 for industrial gases and welding products.
  • Afrox’s brands include among others, Arcmate, Handigas, Saffire® and Vitemax®.
  • Afrox is managed in accordance with The Linde Group global best practice and has access to The Linde Group’s technology, innovation and plant capabilities (designing, building, operating and maintaining plant).
  • Our enabling functions include logistics and planning that enable distribution of our products across more than 25 million kilometres locally and throughout Emerging Africa.
  • Afrox has the strongest footprint of all industrial gas companies in Africa, especially within the Southern African Development Community (SADC).
  • We have extensive market coverage and distribution competencies, especially for LPG.
  • Afrox is geared for growth with a well-adjusted cost base and a consolidated asset base that together deliver economies of scale.
  • We have a secure LPG supply chain.
  • Afrox has a diverse, less cyclical portfolio, realising pockets of growth despite a strained economy.
  • We have an integrated product offering with a wide range of industrial gas and Hard Goods products, supply options and solutions.
  • Afrox provides tailored product packages for specific industries and expert engineering advice on welding, fabrication and process solutions to help customers achieve productivity and quality targets as cost-effectively as possible.
  • We provide customer training and advice on health, safety and environmental compliance.
  • We have a stable and efficient operating model that enables execution of our business strategy.
  • ­Afrox has a well-adjusted cost base with the ability to recover cost inflation through combined product offerings.
  • We are a cash-generative business with a strong balance sheet and an attractive dividend policy.
  • ­Our significant cash balances will give Afrox scope to invest should there be an improvement in economic activity of South Africa and the region.

Salient features

The Afrox product reference manual contains our comprehensive range of products, and is available on our website:

Hard copies and a digital version are available on request.

1 Earnings before interest, tax, depreciation and amortisation.
2 Revenue increased by 6% and EBITDA by 9.9% on a comparable basis after adjusting for the non-recurring settlement of R165 million received in 2016.
3 Return on capital employed increased by 370 bps adjusting for the non-recurring settlement.