Our ongoing strategy

Our strategy remains consistent and is used to leverage our evolved operating structure to capitalise on emerging opportunities while mitigating threats and creating value for all our stakeholders, sustainably.

Afrox has three strategic pillars that evolved from the SWIFT behaviours programme used to restructure the Company in recent years.
All three pillars apply to the Company on an ongoing basis and support the achievement of our four strategic objectives.

Strategic pillars

1. Get healthier
  • Continually improve organisational efficiency
  • Use assets more efficiently1
  • Focus on cost containment and margin management1
  • Improve the effectiveness of procurement processes1
  • Improve supply chain effeciency1
  • Best commercial practice (BCP) pricing composition and contracting
2. Get stronger
  • Improve our customer-centric operating model and customer interaction
  • Refine the go-to-market approach
  • Improve the effectiveness and efficiency of traditional business channels
  • Enhance e-commerce and electronic data interface
  • Improve business segment management
  • Exercise BCP price cost recovery
3. Get business
  • Grow Emerging Africa by attaining critical mass in each country while strengthening corporate governance structures. This will be bolstered by achieving an optimal investment structure for further growth
  • Focus on growth areas and products such as LPG, CO2 and Special Gases (Medical Gases, propellants and refrigerants)

Supporting this are:

People, organisation, processes and systems
  • Instil a ‘winning culture’ by subscribing to our SWIFT behaviours (refer to our business model for details)
  • Develop an agile and flexible organisation
  • Keep the number of full-time employees below target
  • Improve BBBEE score
  • Streamline end-to-end processes
  • Further develop responsible, accountable, consulted and informed decision making for major processes
  • ­Improve and realign processes to our operating model and provide system support
  • ­Improve processes and systems reliability

The long-term sustainability of our business was considered at length in developing this strategy, in addition to external environment factors outlined in the material matters section. The strategy considers all material matters in our value creation process.

1 An activity deemed as integral to business success that will be continued or applied in each of the three stages.